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Let Remodeler's Edge MN Help You with The FIRST STEPS Of Your Project!

Picture of Maple Grove MN

Your Property Set Backs, Easements, and Limitations  

Planning Department Communication and Approval

Project Limitations Based On City and County Rules

Project Budget and What Is Realistic For Your Vision

What Are They?

How we define First Steps is simple.  Let's figure out If you can build and the steps to take before you invest heavily in a project so you know what to expect.
We are your local Remodeling Consultants.

First Steps Report  - Zone R1A

Property Set Backs

Front - 25 Back - 60

Sides - 25

Height - 60

Non Permeable Allowed - 40%

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What To Consider before Remodeling?

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Blue Project

Floor Plans  Elevations

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Or, If you are ready to get started now and take those First Steps... Head on over to our client portal sign up page.  Check it out! 

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