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Where Do I Begin?  What Are The First Steps?

Where Do I Begin?  What Are The First Steps?

Where Do I Begin?  What Are The First Steps?


Before jumping into the idea of a home Addition or building project there are a few things to consider first.  There are a few factors that we like to talk about with clients when they are at this beginning phase. We can talk vision contractor, process, and money later!  Let's jump right into the basic question first.  Can I build on my property or add onto my home in the first place?  Or, will my city allow me to build a new structure to my property?



First things first...  You or your Contractor are going to have to talk to the city where you live and discuss their steps to approving your project.  Every city is different with what they will want to see, some are more thorough than others.  You may have to talk to the city planner or possibly just the building inspector.  They will want to see some things before they approve any permits to build.  So prepare for a process that could take communication, applications, and patience.



1. Do you have enough Non Permeable space to build on your property?  A non permeable surface is one such that water can not drain through, located on your lot.  Every city will have their own requirements or exceptions on this, it can be also be different by lake property as well.  2. Setbacks, are the minimum distance which a structure must be set back from a lot line, street or road, or river/etc.  To determine what your lot setbacks are you will need a site survey.  Call Us for more info on this!



If you do not have a Site Survey then you most likely are going to need one.  Sometimes the city will let you show where your pin are, but most of the time you will need a stamped site survey.  A certified survey company will need to be used for an official legal document with the city.  The survey will show the property lines, structures, non-permeable space, trees (this will depend on the city or use of property), road ways, and can show the setbacks of structures on adjacent properties.


Will you need a Variance?  If you want to build beyond your setbacks or beyond the allowable non permeable space that you are allowed to build on your property, then you will need a variance.  For example you may have a setback to the edge of your property line of 10 ft, but you want to build out within 5 ft of the property line... Then you will need a variance to build out further than the allowed setback to your property line or road.  The city planner or inspector will help us navigate the cities rules on this.  


There are also other items to consider as well.  Things like Conditional Use Permits, Easements, ADU, and Electrical issues.  Give us a call and we can help you sort out what is needed and what is not with your ideal project.  Call Now!

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