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Would you like an Unbiased Estimate or Scope for your Project?

You need some firepower when you are in front of a contractor!  I want our clients to know what to expect when they are hiring a partner to build with.  With the knowledge of what it could cost, you can determine who is right for your project.

We can provide you with real industry numbers as we are true remodeling estimators.  You will get a low, medium, and higher number for the different company and quality types to help determine our budget.

Let's talk to the City, and get things started!

One of the first steps in the Renovation process is talking to the city about receiving a building permit for your project.  We will need some info from them on what we will need.  When it's time we will help you populate everything that you need for a Lisenced contractor to apply for a permit.

We well also talk to the planning department about specific rules for building in their city.  Every city is

different so this is an important step.  Give us a call and we can help get these items checked off your list!

Can you build on your lot?

Site Survey:  If you are going to add onto the footprint of your home, the you will probably need a Site Survey!  When building out the city will need to know specific info about your property.  We can help you coordinate that with trusted licensed survey companies.  Give us a call and we can talk about this in Detail.  

Variance Help: If your site survey shows that the home is too close to the set back of the property line, 

then you will need a variance.  We can help you apply and talk to the city about this special request.

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