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Cutting Edge Vision

Remodeler's Edge MN is a cutting edge company that will deliver a highly valued service to those looking to invest in their home or business through remodeling.  We will be the clients edge in this saturated market of contractors and city regulations.  Arming them with information so that they can know if and how they can achieve their Remodeling Project.

Objective Plan


  • Every City has different requirements and regulations.   Some cities have a planning department while other do not, and cities will enforce codes and permitting differently.  We will help the client by extracting and organizing this information so they will understand if their project is possible and what they will need to prepare for their project.   We call this     

  • Next we will Arm the client with information and understanding before they hire a contractor.  We want to make sure that the client ready to talk to  a contractor or remodeler by having their first steps already taken care off.  Now our clients can discern if the contractors that they are talking too have their best interest in mind or if they will be a good fit or not.  

    • We will provide the client with their property report

    • We will help with Technical Services like variances, site surveys, permits, and title easement procurement. 

    • We will build a detailed estimate for their project with our 3 tiered format 

    • We offer 2D floor plans and layouts design

    • We offer 3D project design 

    • We offer Project Management

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  • We will provide Project Management Services for the hospitality industry or commercial space improvements    

  •  The Edge that we will give management groups is that we can simply do the project for less if the client will pay for materials and subs directly.  We will manage the estimate, material sourcing for trade duties, project set up and schedule, purchasing of materials as needed, managing subs from start to finish with backups.  We will have all subs and those on the project provide a lien waiver after every final payment.

    • We offer Project Management

    • We will build a detailed estimate for their project with our 3 tiered format 

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Company Structure
and Goals

Legal Structure

James Dill LLC will be "doing business as" Remodeler's Edge MN as legally assigned.

Type of Company

We are a consultants that will provide services free of materials or physical labor.

Management Structure

R - Owner - James Dill

C - James D, Nick E, ?

Partners or investors (2-3)

Subs - designers & architects

 Business and Financial Goals

Business Goals

  • To honor the Lord in what we do

  • Be a leader in this field in the Twin Cities, then expand states

  • Provide Real Excellent Service

  • 50% annual growth per year 

Financial Goals​

  • Honor the Lord with all funds

  • Operate 100% by business plan

  • Pay Taxes quarterly on time

  • Operate 100% Debt Free

Money Structure

Payment Received

ACH or Check

Main Checking


Initial deposit, transfer

100% to Escrow Savings

Escrow Savings

Payouts first to main checking,

then move 20% to Investment

Savings Account

Investment Savings

Set aside 10% for Taxes

Set aside 10% for Savings

Organizing, Advertising, and Investing - Residential

Organizational Tools

  • Use Bonsai management software

  • Build website on Wix

  • PM Management Tool?

  • Client and Sub Contracts

Advertising Methods

  • Website SEO - Hit hard on content

  • Google My Business

  • Word of Mouth

  • Billboards - 2 Per month goal

Investing Ideas

  • Missions and Local Ministry

  • Headquarters - Own

Organizing, Advertising, and Investing - Commercial

Organizational Tools

  • Use Bonsai management software

  • Client and Sub Contracts

  • Estimating Sotware?

  • PM Software?

Advertising Methods

  • B2B Sales

  • ?

  • Website SEO and Content

  • Google My Business

Investing Ideas

  • Missions and Local Ministry

  • Headquarters - Own

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